Bone Work taught by Sharon Wheeler

Bone Change generates deep surrounding pressure directed into the interior fabric of the bone, creating a pressure matrix that allows the rapid remodeling of the bone fascia. Bone Change helps badly damaged and poorly healed bones. It is also can normalize the size of a break that “over-grows” and ends up larger than it was.

Bone Rolling is the second area of study. There are over twenty techniques which release chronic bone to bone adhesions at the level of the periosteum. These deep adhesions are often at the root of troubles that Structural Integration does not address. Students will have the opportunity to exchange these techniques and we will have a varied selection of models for practice with both areas of study.

„This class is for those who love adventure and discovering and exploring new territory. It will profoundly expand your knowledge of what is possible and give you a whole new level of understanding for the practice of integrating of human structures.“

Sharon Wheeler
Certified in Structural Integration in 1970, was one of Dr. Rolf’s Students and “Artistic Experiments”. She has been certified in Rolf Movement® since 1971. She teaches CE workshops on scars, bones, the cranium and the Art of Structural Integration.

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